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The Owners

Melanie Carbine & Ivette Pantoja have been in the childcare industry either through working through the school districts, or through childcare facilities since 2010. In 2018 they decided they wanted to start a daycare facility based on love and compassion towards every child they met. They wanted every family who entrusted them with their children to feel like Briar Rose as an extension of their own families. Ivette & Melanie undergo hours of training and extra certification and learning to further educate themselves. They handpick each staff member based on qualities they find vital to run a successful and loving business tailored to small, growing minds. They both are passionate about giving back to the community and charity work. 

Each staff member here has worked with Ivette & Melanie for years. They hire only the best and have a strict standard for the quality of employees we want to surround these children with. We are proud to call all of the staff of Briar Rose our family. 

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