Girl Painting in Art Class


Baby Playing with Building Blocks


6 Weeks-12 Months

6 Weeks-12 Month old classroom. Taught by Miss Aimee,  4 years in experience, and are highly trained in infant specific courses. Specifically focus on maintaining a home to school schedule, that is consistent to the schedule you maintain at home. Tummy time, singing songs, looking in the mirror, and other one on one activities with the teachers.

Kids Painting


12 Months-18 Months

Our Bluebell Room is taught by Ms. Ana, has 4 years experience teaching. They focus on many hands on art projects, as well as recognizing songs, and starting ABC's and 123's. They spend a lot of time assessing your child's fine motor skills, and finding areas in which to improve. We limit this class to those children who are past the infant stage and are ready to crawl and begin walking.

Child Doing Art Activity


18 Months-24 Months

Our most energetic classroom is our Sage classroom! Full of almost year old's, we are full of fun and activities in this classroom! The kids are anxious to learn their ABC's and their 123's, as well as learn choreographed dances like "head, shoulders, knees & toes"" and "baby shark". We encourage outdoor time to explore the world around us here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They fine tune their motor skills, and are prepared fully for Hazel Classroom. We spend this year integrating Spanish words, learning to fully use silverware on their own, as well as expanding their vocabulary.

Kids Drawing


2-3 Years Old

Our most exciting classroom! 2 year old's have so much excitement for life, and we try to channel that and encourage them to explore their individual personalities through the expression of art, dance, and music. Trips outside (weather permitting) are a highlight. We encourage and teach potty training in this class, with the parents permission. We prepare fully for Preschool, and they learn to speak introductory Spanish words. Miss Gabby, Miss Teresa & Miss Mara are the teachers in Hazel Classroom.

Drawing Face


Ages 3-4

Our Ivy classroom is taught by Miss Cristal. Most of the activities incorporate Spanish as well as fine tuning the motor skills tailored to each individual child. Art is a huge medium used, as well as dance, and outdoor play. Circle time and learning to trace and write is the main focus of the morning portion of their day. Every day they have 
art projects and other worksheets to take home to show the work they've completed, as well as regular assessments with parents on their individual child's level.

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4-5 Years Old

This classroom is usually our fullest classroom. We are up to date on exactly what Hillsboro School District requires all Kindergartners to know upon entrance to K-12. We make sure each child is prepared to the fullest, as well as has a basic understanding of Spanish. The teacher is Miss Katie, who is attending PSU to become an Elementary School Teacher. They spend time going over exciting subjects such as science, nature, history, math & writing. They enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, and reading books.

Top View of Kids Playing


Kindergarten-Age 12

Indigo is our before and after school program September-June, but also where we hold our Summer program with Miss Elle! She has so many fun activities and field trips planned throughout the year. During the school year she designates time for the kids to work on homework, as well as participate in art projects, and educational games. We limit the use of tablets and electronics, and strongly feel the use of personal interaction is a life long tool they can use to build their social skills. We offer pick up and drop off to many Hillsboro School District schools. If you have questions in if your child's school is on our current route, please don't hesitate to call or email to ask us!